Comprehensive physicals for preventative care and medical clearance exams.

Physicals can serve two major purposes for you and your health. The first being physical examinations, which are used as preventative care to track any potential health risks based on your age, health history, lifestyle, and other factors. What mostly separates physicals from standard doctor visits is that patients schedule physicals annually without necessarily having any symptoms.

The other purpose of physicals are medical clearance evaluations. It is fairly common for schools, athletic teams, and work places to require you complete a physical before attending. As well as some travel destinations, there can be multiple reasons you are required to complete a physical. Whatever the case Synergy Health Center is qualified to complete any of these examinations affordably and conveniently.

Starting a new job is stressful enough. Let us help you take out the stress of getting your medical clearance exams in order with our weekend and evening hours.
Whether you are joining a city run adult league or need medical clearance for your child to participate in school sports we have you covered.
Schools from kindergarten to college are known to require attending students to complete physicals before attending. We offer physicals for patients of all ages.
Even if it is not required, before sending your little ones off to camp for the summer make sure they’re strong and healthy with a routine physical.