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Help prevent illness before it strikes with immunizations. We are firm believers that it is much more efficient to prevent a disease than to treat it.

Whether you or a loved one are required to get a vaccine by a school or workplace or it is your personal choice, they can greatly increase your chance of fighting potentially deadly diseases. Immunizations benefit adults as well as children protecting you from diseases such as measles, mumps, hepatitis B, polio, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.

We understand getting a shot is’t fun but why waste your vacation days at home with the flu when you gave a fighting chance at preventing it? 

We have a large stock of vaccinations on hand that are administered by our experienced and trained staff so you will always have a comfortable experience.

The California School Immunization Law

The state of California currently legally requires children under the age of 18 to have required immunizations to attend both private and public schools.

The California School Immunization Law was put in place to protect the health of students and prevent deadly diseases from spreading among students who are in close contact every day. Proof of these immunization is often a prerequisite for registration for school or day care. To Find out which immunizations your children require click the button below and always make sure to check with your local school district for clarification.

For more information on REQUIRED VACCINES – click here

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