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Primary Care

Synergy Health Center is more than an urgent care facility! A predominant service we offer is primary health care to families in Pleasanton and the surrounding area.

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Urgent Care

Chances are your non life-threatening condition can be treated by Synergy Health Center through our urgent care services at an affordable rate.

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Pain Management

We create a unique plan of action on a patient by patient basis to ensure your treatment works for your specific needs and you will see the most progress.

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Physical Therapy

Through Synergy Health Center’s physical therapy facility you can rehabilitate in comfort in the hands of experienced physical therapists.

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When appropriate our chiropractic services offer a drug-free, hands-on approach to caring for your health as an alternative to conventional health care.

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Often used to ease various types of chronic pain, acupuncture is sought after by many patients for safe and natural relief.

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Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Our health care providers are experienced in caring for a wide range of sports injuries and getting athletes back to the active lifestyle they are accustomed to.

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